Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Minute Drill

Don't have a lot of time, but wanted to say a few words about our experience this weekend at Lambeau Field.

I had not been to a Packers game at Lambeau Field since 1983, a well-remembered track meet of a Monday Night Football game that the Packers won over the Redskins, 48-47. A lot has changed in those 27 years, especially the fortunes of the Packers.

The game-day experience was a lot of fun, especially for the Benster, who had dreamed of the moment for most of his life. While the outside of the stadium has changed substantially, with a beautiful atrium and the massive statues of Curley Lambeau and Vince Lombardi at the north entrance, once you enter the tunnel and see the field, it's essentially the same place it has been since 1957. And that's the glory of it, I think. The Packers did a masterful job of keeping what was special about Lambeau intact. It's especially striking when you compare the renovation of Lambeau to what the Bears did to Soldier Field, which looks like a giant spaceship dropped inside the old facade.

In some ways, the Packers have conformed to the NFL marketing approach -- there's no longer a Packer marching band and most of the music that gets pumped into the stadium is of recent vintage. There's something amusing about watching a mostly middle-aged crowd, well-bundled, attempting to "Jump Around" with the House of Pain, although I was impressed to learn that Stinger knows all the words.

The game itself was great fun if you weren't a backer of the Giants, as the Packers scored early and often, dominating Big Blue 45-17. Aaron Rodgers looked masterful and it was amusing to be sitting on the visitors' side, since we got an excellent view of the sulking that Eli Manning was doing on the sidelines as the interceptions mounted.

Every football fan ought to go to Lambeau -- that much is certain.


Gino said...

"Every football fan ought to go to Lambeau "

i've heard that, from a bears fan, even.

and glad the benster had a good time seeing his team at their best. its makes it that much better, i would assume.

if the pack has their mojo back, it'll be an exciting sunday coming up. no, i'm not making any predictions, or placing any bets.

CousinDan 54915 said...

While I appreciate the post, I was hoping for more updates on Aunt Scarlett. She is an intriguing subject that deserves more coverage on the Neighborhood. Not that I have any input on your editorial policy.

Mr. D said...

She is an intriguing subject that deserves more coverage on the Neighborhood.

I don't think anyone on staff disputes that. Especially the Stinger. I have asked him to assume the Aunt Scarlett beat and he's agreed to take up the cudgels on this matter.

CousinDan 54915 said...

Your delegation skills are top notch.

Anonymous said...

I weep every time I see Soldier Field...another Daley outrage!