Friday, December 03, 2010

New Neighbors?

The Star Tribune reports this morning that the Vikings have been talking with various politicos in Ramsey, Anoka and Washington Counties about potentially siting their new stadium at the Twin Cities Ammunition Plant site in Arden Hills.

I can see why the Vikings would be interested; they have up to 430 acres available, the site is only about 12 miles north of downtown Minneapolis and while the roads would need a major upgrade, there would be development possibilities galore.

The cost of developing the site could be problematic -- there's a lot of pollution there and while the Army is committed to the cost of some remediation, it's always been an open question concerning how viable the site is for development, since no one really knows for sure what's buried out there. Right now the roads in the area are not sufficient to handle the potential traffic, but it could be improved without changing the current routing patterns that much. If the Vikings came, it would also have a potentially huge impact on what happens at the Northwest Quadrant site in New Brighton.

There's a lot to sort out, but if this thing goes through, it could be a huge game changer for my little corner of the world.

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CousinDan 54915 said...

Great place; the Vikings are used to blowing up when the going gets tough.