Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's See a Movie

They really don't make movie trailers the way they used to. Here are a few movie trailers that really make you want to see the movie.

North by Northwest


The Day of the Jackal

The Manchurian Candidate



Anonymous said...

Dood...just read your ignorant post on the Malkin's hatefest about the undervotes in MN. You do realize that they're not officially saying a certain percentage of the undervotes who voted for Obama voted for Franken, but that it seems like they would go for him more than McCain...thus it would behoove the Franken campaign to say "Hey, let's look at those undervotes more closely." Where the f*ck do you get that they're certifying that a certain percentage all of those undervotes go to Franken without actually looking at the gawdamn votes themselves?!?!
Typical ignorant wingnut...can't friggin' read.

Mr. D said...

That's not what I said or believe, anonymous. What I said is this -- undervotes are undervotes. If you try to divine intent where none is indicated, you are inventing votes.

I'm sure that the ballots will be examined; all of the nearly 3 million ballots will be. But absent any evidence of voter intent, you can't give Franken extra votes. As I mentioned there, ticket-splitting is a big thing in Minnesota. I guess I'd question your ability to read, but that would be churlish on my part.

But thanks for coming to my blog and insulting me anonymously. It was a courageous act on your part and I sincerely hope it made you feel better. We're glad to provide catharsis for troubled lefties here at Mr. Dilettante.

Anonymous said...

Who said they were going to give Franken extra votes without any friggin' evidence of voter intent?!?!

That's what I'm getting at. far as coming to your blog, dood...get a friggin' grip. You lose all right to any civility after the crap you post on the Malkin hatefest, and I couldn't care any less about how you feel. typical wingnut fashion, since I point out your fallacies I'm automatically labeled as a lefty. Man, you morons and your labels.

Mr. D said...

Thanks for sharing, anonymous. Get help.

Mr. D said...

You lose all right to any civility after the crap you post on the Malkin hatefest, and I couldn't care any less about how you feel.

Upon further reflection, I shouldn't have assumed you were a lefty. Based on that statement, you are a sociopath. Like I said, get help.

Anonymous said...

Anyhoo - to bring this back on topic. My favorite movie trailer of all time:

Now that's some epic cheese.

Mr. D said...

Flash Gordon is epic, epic cheese, good sir.