Thursday, August 07, 2008

C'mon! Baby, Don't You Wanna Go?

We are taking our long awaited family vacation starting tomorrow. We'll be in Wisconsin for some family stuff over the weekend, then we are headed to Chicago for the week. As such, this feature will mostly be on vacation during that time, too. Feel free to comb the archives for over 900 posts of rich bloggy goodness. Otherwise, I'll see you in a week or so!




Anonymous said...

Look me up if you get the chance. I am still at the old Standard Building. Send me an e-mail to my old e-address and I can get my contact info to you. We can talk Favre.

A Truck Driver

Mark Heuring said...

Will do, good sir. I sent you a couple of e-mails in the last week, but I'm guessing you haven't received them. I'll call your office this afternoon before we leave town. Very much want to see you if possible!

Gino said...

have a good trip!

The Lady Logician said...

Be safe and have fun!


Leo Pusateri said...

Have a beef and sausage combo for me, will ya?