Saturday, August 23, 2008


A few quick changes to the sidebar:

Unfortunately, I had to delete the link to my friend Strolling Amok's blog. He's had to discontinue the thing for the time being. I hope he gets back to blogging because he is very good at it and always has something interesting to say.

I've added What if? to the blogroll. Somehow I had missed this blog in the thickets of the MOB roster, but that's a mistake I won't make going forward. Proprietor Peg Kaplan has a smart take on a variety of topics and a wry sense of humor to boot. Hat tip to Mr. Stover for featuring her blog in a recent Best of the MOB competition - Dan performs a valuable service by reading widely and finding the good stuff, by the way. I know that I've gained readers on those occasions when Dan has recognized my work in BOMOB competitions. It's a very generous thing that Dan does and we shouldn't take it for granted. I don't -- that's for sure.

I'm also adding a link to a venture that's been helping to pay my bills - Kotula's is a new catalog and online venture that I've been working on, featuring a variety of cool stuff. Give it a look; you might find something you'd like.


Gino said...

strolling amok wrote some good posts for a while.
i hope he gets back to it.

Mr. D said...

Me too, Gino. He has very good reasons for discontinuing the blog but it does leave an undeniable void.

Dan S. said...

Thanks for the nod, Mark!