Saturday, August 16, 2008


We're back from our vacation in Chicago. The kids had a wonderful time visiting places of unmistakable majesty, from Michigan Avenue to the Field Museum to the Sears Tower to Navy Pier and the latest jewel in Chicago's ever-expanding tiara, Millennium Park. We even saw a little bit of history at U.S. Cellular Field as we watched four consecutive White Sox sluggers bash home runs against the ever-inept Kansas City pitching staff.

The picture I've posted is the most interesting building I saw during our week there. Chicagoans will know it; I saw it while we drove back from the game with my friend Rich, who joined us for the game. Rich is a lifelong Chicagoan and understands what makes Chicago so fascinating and contradictory. You could probably fit 150-200 copies of this building within the square footage of the Sears Tower, but in some respects this unassuming little building matters more. I'll be unpacking the matter, and sharing plenty more thoughts about what we saw, in the coming days.

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Leo Pusateri said...

We must have passed each other on the road, my friend... since I arrived in the Chicago area last night (I'm in for a wedding).