Sunday, August 03, 2008

Say a prayer

Two friends of this feature need your prayers.

Leo Pusateri's son Doug and his near-fiancee Brooke were in a motorcycle accident early Friday morning, hitting a deer. Doug is okay but Brooke has had some traumatic injuries. She is getting treated at a hospital in Fargo and it appears that she is beginning to recover, but she will have a long road ahead. Leo provides the details here and Brooke has a Caringbridge site here with more information.

Meanwhile, our favorite SoCal correspondent Gino is dealing with some health issues related to a cyst on his cheek that may be a tumor. Gino discusses his situation here and here, with evident and justifiable frustration over the deportment of some of the caregivers who don't seem to care that much. Gino's already had enough heartbreak this year and while he's one of the toughest-minded guys I know of, even tough-minded guys need support.


Leo Pusateri said...

Thanks, Mark, to you and your readers for your show of support. The family is overwhelmed with the prayerful support they received from people that they don't know.



Gino said...

yes, mark.
may i ditto that?

bloggers may often be anonymous, but they aren't strangers.