Monday, August 18, 2008

Who Is Barack Obama's President?

You'll have to bear with me on this one, since it's been over 25 years since I took my civics classes in high school. I think I remember this correctly, but I could be wrong. Things do change of course, especially in a world where the Constitution is a living document and all. It's always been my impression that we get one president at a time. Now I'm not so sure. We've learned plenty in this election cycle and now it appears we've received additional instruction from a presidential candidate who has been celebrated as a constitutional law scholar. Click the link and let Barack Obama explain it to you.

Good to know, I suppose -- All this time I thought that George W. Bush was the president for all of us. Turns out that John McCain has a proprietary interest in W.

Now I remember back in the Clinton years when certain dyspeptic NRA members had bumper stickers proclaiming that Charlton Heston was their president. I also remember that certain dyspeptic liberals were wont to proclaim that a fictional character named Josiah Bartlett (played by the fashionably leftist actor Martin Sheen) was their president when NBC used to air the television program The West Wing. But I never paid much attention to that, because the views of dyspeptic people are usually easy to discount.

It's not so easy to discount Sen. Obama, inasmuch as he is a consitutional law scholar and he continues to have an excellent chance to succeed "John McCain's President." It's possible that Sen. Obama is simply dyspeptic, too, but if that's the case he probably shouldn't be president. So the question is - who is Barack Obama's president? He hasn't said. Who do you think it is?


Right Hook said...

You give the punk street rabblerouser far too much gravitas, to borrow a liberal buzzword from the past that for some reason is not being used by the left in reference to Barack Obama. Just what are BHO's credentials for being a "legal scholar" other than his assertion?

Mark Levin, a highly credentialed true constitutional scholar himself, took a close look at this on his show last night and made a very strong case that BHO can legally use the title "lawyer" only by the absolute bare minimum of academic accomplishment and post educational actions.

Mark Heuring said...

Wait – you’re telling me that Sen. Obama isn’t really a constitutional scholar? Wow. I am disillusioned.

Daria said...

I don't know if Obama is dyspeptic but he certainly causes me to be every time I see or hear him.

- D

Anonymous said...

The better question is "Who is George W Bush's President?"

I am pretty certain the answer is Dick Cheney.


Mark Heuring said...

That's a wittier comeback than anything I've heard from the portside in some time, Rich.

Right Hook said...

Just think how much better things could have turned out had the ticket been Cheney-Bush rather than Bush-Cheney...

I think Obama's president is Jimmy Carter, which is why he needs to be kept as far from the Oval Office as possible.