Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Norm Blinks

I'm not sure even Michael Brodkorb can spin this one, or that he'll want to. Norm Coleman has helped to make the Gang of 10 the Gang of 16.

This is stupid. Incredibly stupid. Lose the election stupid. If you want to know why, all you have to do is look at the name of one of the portside senators who signed on to this "compromise" along with Pollyanna Norm and the probably doomed John Sununu of New Hampshire. From the story:

The other senators rounding out the Gang of 16 on Tuesday were Republican John Warner of Virginia and Democrats Tim Johnson of South Dakota, Tom Carper of Delaware and Ken Salazar of Colorado.

Emphasis mine. When we last saw Ken Salazar, he was involved in this revealing exchange with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Salazar was on record as refusing to go along with a resolution for drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf, even if the price of gasoline were to reach $10 a gallon. Norm had to know this, but he's apparently assuming that Salazar is now acting in good faith by signing on to a "compromise" bill that will only address a small percentage of the larger issue, which is the reality that the U.S. government has been artificially locking up a great portion of available resources for the better part of 30 years.

It's pretty simple, Senator -- you are selling out your leadership for a compromise bill that will never get enacted. You are providing political cover to your opponents, who put themselves in an untenable position politically. Instead of standing with Mitch McConnell and the leadership and working to elect more Republicans by keeping the distinctions clear about which party will do something about energy challenges, you chose to align yourself with people who will not hesitate to stick a shiv in your back. Ken Salazar is not your friend, Senator. The bill will not pass and your bi-partisan gesture will be gleefully shoved down your throat. You will continue to be the target of attack ads that tie you to chimerical corporate greed, both from the campaign of your risible opponent and the constellation of outside groups that are spending huge sums to elect your risible opponent. Indeed, Ken Salazar will stand at the front of the line to greet your risible opponent should he somehow defeat you.

You can't unring the bell, Senator. But you would do well to think hard about the mistake you made today. You hadn't made too many mistakes in your campaign up to this point. But today you did.

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Right Hook said...

Good post, although it is downright discouraging. It drives home the point that if Coleman retains his seat it may well be due to votes against Franken rather than votes of approval for the senator's leadership, courage, and judgment, all of which he is clearly lacking.

Leo Pusateri said...

Yep... when the going gets tough, Norm invariably makes a left turn.

I think he can't help it. After all, he was a democrat...

I guess it must be difficult to change one's spots.

Shoebox said...

I heard the headline last night and was pretty certain I knew who one of the R's would be. It's not surprising but still disappointing. Norm lacks a core on this issue. Like Leo said, when he addresses an issue where he has no core, he always moves left.

Daria said...

Instead of hanging his head in shame Senator Coleman is proudly trumpeting this latest transgression against his base. He has also called for a coast to coast "E-85 Corridor" to promote (as in "force") use of "green" fuels.

I won't vote for Franken but can't honestly say I will feel all that bad if Norm gets his butt handed to him this fall. The net effect on legislation that comes out of the Senate may not be all that great.

- D

Anonymous said...

I have considered Senator Coleman a finger in the wind type guy for years. Why would we have to worry which way he will go on any given issue. It is maddening. What the hell Norm! You say you are a conservative, at least you did at the State Convention. You talk the talk, but how often do you walk the walk? As a Conservative that should be all the time.
You spit in the eyes of your Conservative base and you'll walk home bub! McCain is all talk too!

Dan S. said...

Well stated, Mark. While Coleman gets most things right, every once in a while, he takes a stance that just makes me want to bang my head against a wall.

The R's in the Gang of Whatever don't seem to understand that on this issue, not only are we on the right side, but we're also on the politically winning side. When Congress resumes, we need to beat this drum as loud as we can.

We're up seven runs in the ninth inning, and these guys want to quit and declare it a tie. It boggles the mind, but then again, Norm was also originally against the troop surge in Iraq.

PS - Love the Wile E. Coyote pic. Thanks for the laugh!