Friday, August 07, 2009

I was relieved that Mr. Dilettante decided to change the color of his blog before he invited me to join Mr. Dilettante's Neighborhood. I understand supporting the Iranian opposition but when Mr. Dilettante changed the color of his blog on June 19th, didn't anyone else notice that it matched the Packers colors? Just for the record, I support another team in the NFC North Division.


Mr. D said...

Good post, Mrs. D! So when did you start rooting for the Lions?

Gino said...

she's talking about before you went all detroit.

member, i mentioned it?


welcome to the blog world missus D. this place could use a woman's touch.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Hmm, my initial inclination is to hiss the anti-Packers reference, but I'd better mind my manners. :)

Gino said...

she must be a Bears fan.
cant see anybody liking the vikings if that had a choice.

kingdavid said...

As a fan of another underdog who went against a giant with very little going for him, I'm going to start rooting for the Lions this year.

Super Bowl Baby.