Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Wouldn't Read This If I Were You

I am evil. I am like Bull Connor.

I am comforted that my opponents are tempering their rhetoric, however.

Run away now. You don't want what I got.


Gino said...

if opposing govt takeover of the medical industry is evil and racist, then i am a racist.
i will not shirk from the word in that context, as words only mean what they are intended to mean in their context.

call me what ever. i been called worse,anyway.
and none of that has ever stopped me,either.

Anonymous said...

My favorite depicted picture of those who oppose Obama's plan is most of us besides being racist and hateful do not believe that ANY reform is needed and that we want the status quo for the big drug (Who by the way cut a secret unholy side deal with the One) and insurance companies.

Reform is most definitely needed, but going NUCLEAR and making the system socialist is not the only option. Tort Reform, forcing providers to have transparent pricing, and making employer paid benefits taxable are all measures that could enable a true reform of the system.

I love it when evil people call people evil, or when Acorn Democrats accuse people who use tatics that are far tame than any they have used in the past claim that those who engage in free speech and free opion are evil. Hey Kettle it's the pot calling, you're black!