Friday, August 21, 2009

Radio Free Dilettante: I'm Your DJ Now, Princey...

Bonus points to whoever gets the reference (easy one for anyone who is around my age).

Before I begin, I should say that Mr. D and I have a lot of overlap in our musical tastes. But, there are definitely places where we part ways (although his picking up on the White Stripes is me hope). Oh, one other difference...I actually have an iPod.

Last Five:
"This Fine Social Scene," Zero 7
"1972 Bronze Medalist," The Bad Plus
"Open Your Heart," Madonna
"Since You're Gone," The Cars
"Big Me," Foo Fighters

Next Five:
"Oh Daddy," Adrian Belew
"Future Foe Scenarios," Silversun Pickups
"Iceman," Descendents
"Bullets," Editors
"Goody Two Shoes," Adam Ant

Hey, no hip-hop...this list may be Maria-approved. Actually, I should do an all hip-hop one just because she called me out on not posting.


Petercorp said...

Don't Provoke me old man!

Gino said...

the Descendents?

good god, stinger. i AM impressed.

(and you can say you're friends with a guy who used to get wasted with one of band members.)

Night Writer said...

The Mall Diva and I were big fans of the "Oh Daddy" video, back in the day.