Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Speaking of pointless drivel....

Favre arrives in Twin Cities, to sign with Vikings today.

Oh, where to begin. Such a target-rich environment. Let's see:
  • First, as a Packer fan, I'm more amused than angered by this. There's no reason to be mad a Favre. He's not being disloyal, he's being bull-headed. He got it into his brain that he was indispensable. Ted Thompson didn't agree. And Ted was right, of course. It's 2009. I'd rather have a 25-year-old Aaron Rodgers at the helm than a guy who is going to turn 40 in October.
  • By signing today, Favre got his way and demonstrated the desperation of the lost souls at Winter Park. Why go through training camp? Why bother with the alphabet soup of activities that are supposedly an essential part of the modern game? Who needs a mini-camp, an OTA, a trip to Mankato? And remember all the assurances that we heard from the assembled brain trust in Eden Prairie. Favre is just another guy. He'll go through everything everyone else does. Guess not.
  • So I wonder how all the boys at ESPN feel, especially the ones who spent the summer logging long hours in Hattiesburg watching for smoke signals from the Favre compound. How many breathless dispatches were offered, how much air time did the network offer, only to have Jay Glazer of FoxSports get the scoop when it really mattered. Ol' Number 4 used Mort, Ed Werder, John Clayton and countless others as a footwipe. Hope you enjoyed it, kids!
  • As for the season ahead: who knows? If I were to guess, I don't think it ends well for the Vikings. The final image Packer fans have of Brett Favre is watching him throw a bad interception in the 2007 NFC championship game. It served as a nice bookmark to the bad interception he threw in the playoffs in 2003. Maybe it will be different this year, but that's not the way to bet.


Gino said...

i thought this saga was over three weeks ago.

the vikes are making a big mistake. whatever #4 brings, he's gonna cost them a lot more in terms of unit cohesion.

did i place vikings second for the season? if i did, we'll make it third,now.

Mr. D said...

We all did, Gino. But he's back like a bad Mexican dinner. Kinda like that place you reviewed, I guess.

And you're right, of course. He's a poisoned chalice.

Anonymous said...

Farve will most likely have his typical best of times worst of times season. He'll have a couple of gems wrapped around some classic I forced the ball to Percy and he ran the wrong route stinkers. In the end, I highly doubt he'll get the Vikings to the promised land.

It will be interesting to see who the odd man out is going to be on the Vikings QB roster. My guess is that it will be Jackson, but who knows.

How would you like to be Sage Rosenfels?

From a Packer Fan pespective (and most likely a Jet's Fans as well) Farve's saga knocks him down from the annals of the all time great players and great guys, to a player who could at times light it up, but was as selfish and egotistical as they come. In the end, it's appropriate that he exposed himself, because from an overall quality of the man perpsective, the greatest packer quarterback of all time, is, and perhaps will always be Bart Starr.

Don't minumalize the vindictive and selfish nature of Farve. He's where he wants to be for many reasons, and winning a Superbowl may be one of them, but it's not the major one. Rarely does a team win with someone who thinks they are bigger than the game at the helm.

Speaking of people who one wouldn't want to trade places, how would you like to be Brad Childress? His future is tied to the quarterback who has thrown the highest number of touchdowns, but has also thrown the highest number of interceptions, and has proven to be a known cancer in the clubhouse. NICE!

Mr. D said...

Pretty much agree with you, anon. He couldn't quite come out and say it, but it's pretty clear that Sage Rosenfels is pissed. And he should be.

You're probably right that T-Jack will the odd man out, but the Vikings really ought to be giving Rosenfels his release so he can have a chance to play someplace else. They used him like Charmin. T-Jack is more of a good soldier type than Rosenfels, too.

Did you catch the one thing Favre said? He has a slight tear in his rotator cuff. Bet by midseason he won't be able to throw the long ball too well.