Friday, August 14, 2009

What's Your Name, Little Girl

Mr. D and I have been married for a long time now, getting close to two decades. When we got married, I went from a well known Scandinavian last name to a German one that is frequently mispronounced.

I started out this summer by going to the wedding of Ben and Faith Worley. I met many new people. I was introduced to many of the guests as Mrs. D. Mr. D introduced some of the guests by their blogger name and then told me their real name. As a result, I met lots of very nice people but I am still trying to put the blogger names with the real names.

Last month I received a message on Facebook from a reporter from a famous TV station. CNN was searching for a local woman who was in the middle of her big fifteen minutes of fame. We share the same first name, same maiden name and we live in the same state. The CNN reporter assumed that I was the same person and it was urgent that he speak to me. However, I am not the same person who was appearing on national morning talk shows, the dancing bride who boogied down the aisle at her wedding. I highly doubt that CNN would like to do a story about a suburban wife and mother who works part time.

Last weekend Mr. D and I went to my high school reunion. I reintroduced myself to people I hadn't seen in a couple of decades and of course the only way that they could remember me was if I used my maiden name.

Some days this summer, when the dinner I make is a favorite, or if I have a special surprise activity planned for the day, my kids have taken to calling me the best mom in the universe. On the flip side, when I am assigning allowance chores I am definitely not called the best mom in the universe!

Forty years ago was the Summer of Love. Think I will remember this as the summer of many names.


Gino said...

i hope remembering my blog name and my real name was somehow easier than the others.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Yeah, it's bad enough when you have to learn both first and last names. When you toss in all the others it gets really confusing. Thank God for Gino and his blessed Sicilian simplicity. ;)

(Oooh, I probably deserve some kind of punishment for that.)

Mrs. D said...


You were the only name that I was able to keep straight at Ben and Faith's wedding. Remember, many of the greats are known by one name - Michelangelo, Beethoven, Churchill and Gino!

Gino said...

mrs d:
often times in my life, i only went by one name. and would still do it, if i could.

the name is unique enuf, here in so CA, that i could get away with it. i hear on the east coast, its a different story.