Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Radio Free Dilettante — Fresh As Today’s Headlines

I see narratives:

Last Five:
She Has Funny Cars, Jefferson Airplane
Big Sister’s Clothes, Elvis Costello
Cynical Girl, Marshall Crenshaw
Treat Her Like a Lady, Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose
Let’s See Action, the Who

Next Five:
Dream Weaver, Gary Wright
Future Shock, Curtis Mayfield
Red House, Jimi Hendrix Experience
American Squirm, Nick Lowe
I Say a Little Prayer, Aretha Franklin


Night Writer said...

Was that your iPod - or Hillary Clinton's?

If the latter, I'd be interesting in hearing the last five/next five from Bill's.

Mr. D said...

Mine, but it surely made me think of Madame Secretary. Maybe Bill's will channel through my iTunes later today. Right now it's playing "Don't Ask Me Questions," by Graham Parker, which would certainly fit Bill.

Night Writer said...

If it starts playing "Devil With a Blue Dress On" I'd get out of there, fast.